Viper points out what Edward Gaming needs to improve on as LPL playoffs near

As we gear up for the 2023 League of Legends Pro League (LPL) playoffs, it’s essential to analyze Edward Gaming’s (EDG) performance and identify areas where they can improve. EDG has been a consistent contender in the LPL scene but hasn’t secured the championship title since 2018. In this analysis, we will discuss EDG’s weaknesses and propose potential solutions for their improvement.

1. Team Synergy

Team synergy is an essential factor that can make or break a team’s performance in competitive play. EDG has shown inconsistencies in their synergy throughout the season, which negatively affected their gameplay and results. To address this issue, EDG should focus on improving communication within the team during and between games. They could also consider implementing scrimmages with other teams to practice different strategies and learn from their experiences.

2. Early Game Performance

EDG’s early game performance has been subpar, resulting in them falling behind early in several matches. This issue can be attributed to poor laning phase decisions, lack of map pressure, and ineffective invading strategies. To improve their early game performance, EDG could focus on fine-tuning their champion pools for each member based on their strengths and playstyles. Additionally, they should work on securing important objectives as quickly as possible while maintaining vision control around the map to gain an advantage over opponents.

3. Champion Pool Diversity

EDG’s champion pool diversity has been a concern this season, with some players relying heavily on a few champions. While having a solid champion pool is essential, it’s also crucial for teams to maintain flexibility and adaptability in their roster. To address this issue, EDG could encourage their players to experiment with more champions during practice sessions and scrimmages. They should also invest time in analyzing opponent strategies and countering them with diverse champion picks.

4. Map Awareness

Map awareness is a crucial factor that sets apart top teams from those performing below par. EDG has struggled to maintain proper vision control around the map, resulting in missed opportunities for objectives and valuable information about their opponents’ movements. To improve their map awareness, EDG could invest in purchasing wards more frequently and effectively communicating with each other about ward placements and potential enemy movements.


In conclusion, Edward Gaming has several areas for improvement as the LPL playoffs approach, including team synergy, early game performance, champion pool diversity, and map awareness. By addressing these weaknesses and focusing on strengthening their overall gameplay strategies, EDG can emerge as a formidable contender in the 2023 LPL championships.