Want to main Gusion? Hoon reveals 3 things you need to know

As a devoted fan of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), you’ve probably heard the name Hoon, the renowned pro player known for his exceptional skills in mastering various heroes. If you’re considering taking on the challenge of main Gusion, the Marksman hero with a unique playstyle, then listen up! In this text, we’ll dive into three crucial insights that Hoon shares to help you on your Gusion journey.

1. Positioning and Map Awareness

The first insight from Hoon emphasizes the importance of proper positioning and map awareness for Gusion. As a long-ranged hero, Gusion excels at dealing damage from a distance, but he’s also quite vulnerable in close combat situations. Thus, it’s essential to keep a safe distance from enemy heroes while engaging them with your abilities.

Moreover, having an excellent grasp of the game map allows you to anticipate enemy movements and plan rotations effectively. This skill is particularly crucial for Gusion players since they often need to provide vision control in lanes or secure objectives such as buffs or jungle camps.


In a team fight, position yourself behind your tank or mage hero, using them as a shield while you rain down arrows on enemy heroes from a safe distance.

**2. Ability Combinations and Synergies**

Hoon’s second insight revolves around the power of Gusion’s ability combinations and synergies. Understanding how to best utilize his abilities will significantly increase your damage output and effectiveness in team fights.

For instance, using your Passive – Marksman’s Ambition (marks enemy targets with a star), followed by Q – Piercing Arrow (stuns enemies and deals true damage), and then activating your Ultimate – Storm of Steel (deals area damage) is an excellent combination for bursting down a single target.

Additionally, certain ability combinations can also create synergies with other heroes or items. For example, using Gusion’s Q to stun enemy heroes before they activate their CC abilities allows your teammates to follow up and secure kills more easily.


In a coordinated team effort, land your Piercing Arrow stun on an enemy hero, allowing your mage to use their crowd control ability and secure a double kill.

**3. Item Builds and Situational Awareness**

Lastly, Hoon advises that mastering Gusion involves understanding the importance of item builds and situational awareness. Adjusting your build depending on the enemy team composition and your role in the game can give you a significant edge over the competition.

For example, if you’re playing a solo lane as Gusion against an aggressive enemy hero, consider building defensive items such as Brute Force Breastplate or Antique Cuirass to survive early skirmishes. In contrast, if you’re playing in the jungle role and focusing on securing objectives, building attack speed items like Blade of Despair or Wind of Nature will help clear camps more efficiently.


Against a team with multiple crowd control heroes, prioritize building defensive items such as Emblem of Desolation and Oracle to mitigate their CC effects and survive longer in team fights.

In conclusion, mastering Gusion requires a solid understanding of positioning, ability combinations, and item builds. By following Hoon’s insights, you’ll be well on your way to becoming an effective and successful Gusion main.