Why Athena’s Shield is the best magic resist item in Mobile Legends


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Today we’ll delve into the intricacies of magic resistance items and explore why Athena’s Shield stands out as the best choice for players seeking to mitigate magical damage.

**Understanding Magic Resistance**
Before we dive into the specifics of Athena’s Shield, let’s clarify what magic resistance is in Mobile Legends. Magic resistance reduces the effectiveness of enemy heroes’ magical abilities. It’s especially crucial for mages and supports who often deal primarily with magical damage.

**Athena’s Shield: The Epitome of Magic Resistance**

* **High Magic Resistance:**

Athena’s Shield provides a massive amount of magic resistance (up to 40%), making it the go-to item for any hero looking to minimize magical damage taken. This percentage is significantly higher than other magic resist items in the game, granting an unparalleled protective shield.

* **Versatile:**

Athena’s Shield offers more than just pure magic resistance. It also comes with bonus health points and a passive skill called “Shield of Justice,” which reduces incoming physical damage by a certain percentage after being hit several times. This versatility makes Athena’s Shield an invaluable asset for any hero, regardless of their role or playstyle.

* **Affordable:**

Compared to other magic resistance items, Athena’s Shield is relatively affordable, making it a cost-effective choice for players on a budget. Its excellent defensive capabilities and versatility justify the investment.

**Examples of Heroes Benefiting from Athena’s Shield**

* **Mage:**

A popular mage hero that can benefit significantly from Athena’s Shield is Aurora. Her main role is dealing magical damage, and her abilities often come with heavy magical effects. By building Athena’s Shield, she gains the necessary magic resistance to survive longer in team fights and deal more damage without worrying about taking excessive damage.

* **Support:**

A support hero that can benefit from Athena’s Shield is Estes. His role involves healing allies and providing crowd control for his team. Although he doesn’t deal a significant amount of magical damage, having high magic resistance ensures he can stay alive during team fights to effectively support his allies.


In conclusion, Athena’s Shield is the best magic resist item in Mobile Legends due to its high magic resistance percentage, versatility, and affordability. It provides players with a reliable shield against magical damage, allowing them to focus on their roles without fear of being overwhelmed. Whether you’re a mage dealing massive magical damage or a support healing your teammates, Athena’s Shield is an essential item that will significantly enhance your defensive capabilities and contribute to your overall success in the game.


1. **Why is Athena’s Shield better than other magic resistance items?**
Athena’s Shield provides a higher magic resistance percentage, more health points, and a versatile passive skill, making it superior to other magic resistance items in terms of overall defensive capabilities and value for investment.

2. **Can any hero build Athena’s Shield?**
Yes, any hero can build Athena’s Shield regardless of their role or playstyle, as its versatility makes it an effective choice for mitigating magical damage and surviving team fights.