Why OhMyV33nus is open to imports in Blacklist International

OhMyV33nus, also known as Daniele "JV" Schwen, is a professional esports player from the Philippines, currently playing for Blacklist International in the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) scene. His flexibility and versatility in various roles make him an invaluable asset to the team. However, there are instances when Blacklist International, as part of their strategy, opens its roster to imports or international players. In this text, we’ll explore why OhMyV33nus is open to imports in Blacklist International queries.

1. Enhancing Team Synergy

Importing foreign players can help Blacklist International improve team synergy and complement the current roster’s strengths. In MLBB, each player brings unique skills, playstyles, and strategies that contribute to the team’s overall performance. By introducing new talents from other regions, Blacklist International can explore different approaches and tactics to outmaneuver opponents.


During the MPL Philippines Season 8, Blacklist International welcomed the Indonesian duo of Reiny “Reap” Renggade and Iqbal “Mavin” Faizkhan as imports to strengthen their midlane and jungle positions. Their arrival not only filled vacant roles but also brought fresh perspectives that improved team coordination and boosted morale.

**2. Adapting to Regional Meta**

In the ever-evolving world of esports, teams must adapt to new metas, strategies, and trends in their region or internationally. Importing players from other regions can help Blacklist International gain insight into these changes and adapt more quickly. Moreover, it allows for more communication between teams and fosters a global understanding of the game.


With the rise of marksman heroes like Kimmy, Alucard, and Layla in the MLBB meta, having imports with extensive experience on these champions can give Blacklist International an edge over opponents who may be less familiar with their playstyles.

**3. Expanding Global Presence**

Blacklist International’s participation in international tournaments and events is a significant part of its growth as an organization. Importing players from other regions not only strengthens the team roster but also fosters cultural exchange and builds relationships within the esports community. This global presence can lead to sponsorship opportunities, increased fan base, and potential future collaborations.


By welcoming international talent, Blacklist International can increase its visibility on a global scale, attract new fans from various regions, and potentially establish partnerships with organizations based in those countries.

In conclusion, OhMyV33nus’ openness to imports in Blacklist International is an essential aspect of the team’s growth strategy. It allows for team synergy improvements, quick adaptation to regional metas, and expansion of global presence, all of which contribute to Blacklist International’s success in the MLBB scene.