**Why Orange Esports Took a Risk on Alucard in MPL MY S7 Week 8**

Orange Esports’ decision to pick Alucard as one of their ban choices during MPL MY S7 Week 8 raised eyebrows among the esports community. The hero, known for his complex mechanics and situational use, is not typically a popular ban or pick in competitive play. In this response, we will delve into the reasoning behind Orange Esports’ unconventional move and explore the potential benefits of taking such a risk.

Understanding Alucard’s Unique Abilities

Alucard, also known as "The Shadow Hunter," is a Fighter hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB). He excels in controlling enemy heroes and providing crowd control (CC) for his team. His abilities include Shadow Reflection, which mirrors an enemy’s attack back to them; Phantom Resonance, which deals damage to enemies and increases Alucard’s movement speed; and Dark Reaper, which allows him to become invisible and chase down fleeing enemies.

Orange Esports’ Strategy

Orange Esports likely saw an opportunity in their opponents’ lineups or drafting tendencies during MPL MY S7 Week 8. By banning popular heroes like Harith, Kagura, or Lunox, teams often leave openings for less commonly picked heroes, such as Alucard. Orange Esports capitalized on this by using Alucard to counter enemy heroes or provide additional CC in team fights.

Benefits of Taking a Risk with Alucard

  1. Crowd Control: Alucard’s Shadow Reflection and Phantom Resonance abilities allow him to disrupt enemy initiations, control enemy movements, and create space for his teammates. This can be particularly effective against teams that rely heavily on CC or have heroes with long cooldowns.
  2. Versatility: Alucard’s ability to deal both physical and magical damage makes him a versatile pick in team compositions. He can contribute to both late-game team fights and early skirmishes, providing additional value throughout the match.
  3. Psychological Factor: By picking an unconventional hero like Alucard, Orange Esports may have thrown off their opponents’ game plans or strategies. This mental advantage could lead to favorable situations during the match, such as unexpected picks or mispositioning from the enemy team.
  4. Experimental Advantage: In a metagame where teams often mirror each other’s lineups and drafting patterns, taking risks on unconventional heroes can yield significant advantages. By exploring new strategies with heroes like Alucard, Orange Esports may have gained insights into potential weaknesses or counters for popular hero picks.


Orange Esports’ decision to pick Alucard as a ban choice during MPL MY S7 Week 8 was a calculated risk that could potentially yield significant benefits. By capitalizing on their opponents’ tendencies and exploiting Alucard’s unique abilities, Orange Esports may have gained an edge in team fights, created opportunities for unexpected pickoffs, and forced their opponents to adjust their strategies accordingly. Overall, this unconventional move showcases the importance of adaptability, versatility, and creativity in competitive esports.