3 essential items for tank junglers in Mobile Legends


Hello, People!

Today we’re diving into the world of Mobile Legends and discussing the essential items that every tank jungler should have in their inventory. Tank junglers play a crucial role in team fights by providing crowd control, initiating engagements, and absorbing damage. Let’s explore three must-have items that can boost their performance.

**1. Magic Wand**

Firstly, the **Magic Wand**. This item provides a significant boost to a tank jungler’s magical attack, which is essential when facing mages or other magical damage dealers. The Magic Wand grants additional magic power and mana regeneration, making it perfect for sustainability during long ganks.

Pro Tip:

Combine the Magic Wand with items like Rod of Tahuti or Amulet of the Magus for even more magical power!

**2. Warrior Tabi**

Secondly, we have **Warrior Tabi**. This item offers defensive stats and an essential passive that increases your movement speed when you enter a jungle. With tank junglers often initiating team fights, having the ability to quickly traverse the map is invaluable.

Pro Tip:

Pair Warrior Tabi with an offensive item like Vanguard or Breastplate of Righteousness for optimal survivability.

**3. Rage Emblem and Talisman of Endurance**

Lastly, we recommend investing in **Rage Emblem** and the **Talisman of Endurance**. Tank junglers benefit significantly from these emblems due to their ability to deal increased damage and sustainability.

The Rage Emblem enhances your physical or magical attack, depending on your build, while the Talisman of Endurance provides additional health regeneration and mana. These emblems help keep your tank jungler healthy and dealing damage effectively.

Pro Tip:

Remember to set your emblems in the Barracks before entering a match to ensure you start with them!


In conclusion, Mobile Legends’ tank junglers thrive when equipped with the right items. The Magic Wand for magical attack boost and sustainability, Warrior Tabi for defensive stats and increased movement speed, and Rage Emblem and Talisman of Endurance for damage output and survivability. By incorporating these essential items into your builds, you’ll be ready to take on the jungle and lead your team to victory!


If you have any questions about the best items for tank junglers in Mobile Legends, feel free to ask below! We’re always here to help.