What is an EXP laner in Mobile Legends? Learn this role well

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In this game, each hero role plays a unique part in securing victory for your team. Today, we’ll delve deep into the intricacies of the EXP Laner role and shed light on its importance.

**What is an EXP Laner?


An EXP Laner, also known as a Solo Laner or a Jungler, is a hero that is primarily focused on securing experience points (EXP) and gold for themselves and their team by controlling the lanes and jungle areas.

**The Role of an EXP Laner in Mobile Legends**

1. **Controlling the Lanes:** An EXP Laner stays in their assigned lane, denying enemy heroes access to valuable experience points and gold. They also ensure that their own hero gains as much experience as possible from creeps.
2. **Jungling:** While staying in the lane, an EXP Laner might venture into the jungle to secure buff camps, providing their team with additional power-ups. This is crucial for maintaining a lead and keeping pressure on the enemy team.
3. **Roaming:** An EXP Laner can also roam around the map, helping other lanes or ganking enemy heroes, creating opportunities for kills and securing objectives like towers or dragon buffs.

**Examples of Effective EXP Laners**

Some heroes that excel at this role include Alucard, Layla, Harith, and Kagura. These heroes have the necessary crowd control abilities, mobility, and survivability to secure victories for their teams in the early game.


In conclusion, an EXP Laner plays a pivotal role in Mobile Legends by ensuring that their team gains valuable experience points and gold while denying the same opportunities to the enemy team. By mastering this role, you’ll be well on your way to making significant contributions to your team’s success!

We hope that our explanation has helped clarify any confusion about the EXP Laner role in Mobile Legends.