5 legendary Korean mid laners Perkz wants to get revenge on

Perkk, the European League of Legends (LoL) star, known for his tenure with teams such as G2 Esports and MAD Lions, has expressed a desire for revenge against certain legendary Korean mid laners. In this article, we’ll delve into the backgrounds and accomplishments of these five players, providing context to Perkz’s motivations and potential paths towards redemption.

  1. Faker (Lee Sang-hyeok)

The first name on our list is none other than Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok – the undisputed GOAT of professional LoL. Faker’s career highlights include multiple World Championships, Rift Rivals victories, and a multitude of domestic championships with SK Telecom T1. Perkz, having lost to Faker in numerous high-stakes matches throughout his career, seeks to prove himself against the best mid laner in the history of the game.

  1. Bang (Bang Ming-jae)

Next on our list is former T1 mid laner Bang "Bang" Ming-jae. While not as dominant as Faker, Bang has had his fair share of success, including a World Championship with Samsung Galaxy in 2013. Perkz and Bang have faced off numerous times in the past, most notably during their tenures at G2 Esports and T1 respectively. With renewed focus and determination, Perkz aims to best the Korean veteran in future encounters.

  1. Chen (Ggoong)

Chen "Ggoong" Chae-hoon is another Korean mid laner that has piqued Perkz’s interest. Having played for teams such as Afreeca Freecs and Team Vitality, Ggoong has a diverse range of experience in both regional and international competition. Perkz looks to learn from past mistakes and come out on top when the two clash once more.

  1. Rascal (Kim Dong-won)

Fourth on our list is Rascal "Kim Dong-won," currently playing for Damwon Kia in the League of Legends Champions Korea (LCK). With a solid track record of success and a reputation as a steady mid laner, Rascal represents another challenge for Perkz. Having lost to Rascal on multiple occasions, Perkz is determined to turn the tables and prove his worth against this formidable opponent.

  1. Canyon (Park Andrei)

Lastly, we have Lee "Canyon" Seung-in. Known for his time with DAMWON Gaming and T1, Canyon has proven himself to be a consistent performer in the world of professional LoL. Perkz’s losses against Canyon have left a bitter taste in his mouth, fueling his determination to best the Korean veteran and leave their past encounters behind.

In conclusion, Perkz’s quest for revenge against these five legendary Korean mid laners serves as both motivation and inspiration for the European star. By studying their playstyles, learning from past mistakes, and striving for continuous improvement, Perkz aims to prove himself worthy on the Rift and cement his place in LoL history.