Best build for Natan in MLBB to help you reach Mythic

Dear Valiant Players,

You’ve come to the right place if you’re seeking to elevate your Natan game and reach mythic rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the optimal build for Natan, delving into the intricacies of items, emblems, spells, and battle strategies that will pave your way to victory.

**Table of Contents:**

  1. Intro: A brief overview of Natan’s abilities and role in the game
  2. Core Items: The must-have items for a high-performing Natan build
  3. Emblems: Choosing the right emblem setup to amplify your strengths
  4. Spells: Optimizing spells to complement your playstyle
  5. Strategies: Battle strategies and team compositions for success

Natan, the Swordsman, is a versatile fighter with a unique kit that excels in initiating engagements and providing crowd control. His passive ability, "Unyielding Spirit," grants him energy whenever an enemy is eliminated near him, making him an indispensable team player. With a well-rounded build, Natan can become a formidable force on the battlefield.


The core items for Natan are as follows:

  1. Wind of Nature: This item significantly enhances your mobility and provides a passive bonus to attack speed and movement speed, making you a menacing presence in team fights.
  2. Blade Armor: The defensive stats of this item are essential for survivability, while the active can shield you from enemy attacks or secure kills on low-health enemies.
  3. Heart of Steel: This item boosts your HP and defense, making you a more robust fighter capable of absorbing damage and dealing it back to your enemies.
  4. Bloodlust Amulet: This item offers attack speed, critical chance, and lifesteal, which synergizes well with Natan’s passive and active abilities.

Choosing the right emblem setup is crucial for maximizing your potential as a Natan player:

  1. Assassin Emblem: Prioritize the Agility and Brutality talents, which will boost your attack speed and critical chance, enhancing your damage output.
  2. Support Emblem: The Magic Wand talent offers additional magic penetration for those pesky enemies with high defense, while the Talisman of Endure provides much-needed HP and mana regeneration.
  3. Fighter Emblem: The Tenacity and Agility talents provide tenacity and attack speed, making you a more agile and survivable fighter.

Selecting the right spells can further enhance your abilities:

  1. Retrace: This spell allows you to dash behind enemy heroes for easy executions or escapes, while also revealing stealthed enemies.
  2. Purify: Cleanse yourself and allies of crowd control effects, ensuring uninterrupted engagements and team fights.

Finally, employing the following strategies will help you excel as a Natan player:

  1. Initiate engagements in team fights by using your Ultimate Skill to stun enemies, creating an opportunity for your team to follow up with damage and crowd control.
  2. Roam around the map during downtime to secure jungle camps or gank unsuspecting enemies, contributing to your team’s gold lead.
  3. Master positioning in team fights by staying at the backline and using your abilities to initiate and control engagements while keeping yourself safe from enemy focus fire.

With these insights under your belt, you’ll be well on your way to mastering Natan and reaching mythic rank in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.