5 pro tips to play Terizla just like Geek Fam’s Ozora Veki

Understanding the Basics of Terizla

Terizla, a hero in Dota 2, is known for his versatility and mobility. If you aspire to play him like a pro, such as Geek Fam’s Ozora Veki, follow these five pro tips:

1. Positioning and Map Awareness

Positioning is crucial in Dota 2, especially when playing Terizla. You must learn where to be on the map at all times. Use your invisibility to scout the enemy’s movements, wards, and Roshan. By having a good sense of map awareness, you can anticipate ganks or team fights and ensure that you are in the right place to contribute.

2. Maximizing Terizla’s Abilities

Terizla has an impressive skill set that includes Shadow Fiend (Shadow Shift), Chaos Bane (Soul Rip), Dark Vision (Dark Vision), and Requiem of Souls (Requiem). Each ability should be maxed out at different levels depending on the situation. For instance, maxing out Soul Rip early can significantly impact your farming and push speed, while leveling up Shadow Shift is essential for initiating team fights.

3. Item Build and Farming

The right item build plays a significant role in optimizing Terizla’s potential. Consider starting with a Courier, Stout Shield, and Quelling Blade for early sustain and mana regen. Later on, build items such as Abyssal Blade, Manta Style, or Monkey King Bar to enhance your damage output and survivability.

4. Teamwork and Communication

Teamwork is essential in Dota 2. As Terizla, your role often involves initiating team fights or providing support from the backline. Be sure to communicate effectively with your teammates, alerting them of enemy movements and coordinating ganks or objectives.

5. Mastering Your Playstyle

Lastly, it’s essential to find a playstyle that suits you and master it. Whether you prefer playing aggressive or passive, solo or in a group, understand your strengths and weaknesses and adapt accordingly. With practice, you can hone your Terizla skills like Ozora Veki and make a significant impact on the battlefield.


In summary, mastering Terizla requires a combination of good positioning, ability utilization, item builds, effective teamwork, and a well-developed playstyle. By focusing on these pro tips and practicing diligently, you’ll be well on your way to playing Terizla like Geek Fam’s Ozora Veki.