A closer look at Bigetron Alpha’s support Hayabusa pick

Bigetron Alpha, a renowned Dota 2 team, is known for its exceptional gameplay and strategic choices. One of their consistent picks in the current meta is Hayabusa, the Night Owl hero. Let us delve deeper into Bigetron Alpha’s support Hayabusa queries and analyze the rationale behind their success with this hero.

Why Bigetron Alpha Supports Hayabusa?

Hayabusa, a versatile carry or support hero, offers several advantages that make him an attractive pick for Bigetron Alpha.

Here are some reasons why:

  1. Disables and Initiates: Hayabusa’s abilities, especially Moonlight Shackles (W), can provide excellent crowd control and initiations, making him a valuable support hero. He can immobilize enemies for a decent duration, giving your team an edge in team fights.
  2. Burst Damage: With the right items and skill build, Hayabusa can deal significant burst damage, enabling Bigetron Alpha to secure kills and take objectives more efficiently.
  3. Mobility and Escapes: Hayabusa’s abilities also offer excellent mobility and escape mechanisms, such as his passive Night Vision (Q), which provides vision in the dark, and his ultimate, Shadow Roam (R), enabling quick positioning for ganks or escaping from danger.

Bigetron Alpha’s Support Hayabusa Queries Explored

Now that we understand why Bigetron Alpha supports Hayabusa let us examine some of their support queries related to this hero:

1. Item Build on Hayabusa

Bigetron Alpha typically builds Blink Dagger early on Hayabusa, followed by Abyssal Blade or Diffusal Blade and then Manta Style or Butterfly as the final items. This build ensures Hayabusa has the mobility to initiate or join fights, burst damage for securing kills and disabling enemies with his abilities.

2. Skill Build on Hayabusa

Bigetron Alpha’s skill build on Hayabusa focuses on maximizing crowd control and mobility. They prioritize maxing out Moonlight Shackles (W) first, followed by Shadow Roam (R), Night Vision (Q), and finally Last Rites (E). This skill build enables Hayabusa to provide excellent initiations, disables, and escapes for his team.

3. Hayabusa in Late Game

In the late game, Hayabusa’s role as a support becomes even more crucial, as he can initiate fights with Moonlight Shackles and provide burst damage with items like Abyssal Blade or Diffusal Blade. Moreover, his ability to roam and gank lanes with Shadow Roam enables Bigetron Alpha to gain an advantage over their opponents.


Bigetron Alpha’s support Hayabusa queries demonstrate the team’s thought process behind picking this versatile hero in Dota 2. By focusing on maximizing his crowd control, mobility, and burst damage potential, Bigetron Alpha has been able to secure victories and maintain their reputation as a formidable team.