**Affordable 4-star Genshin Impact Units: A Closer Look at Candace**

Welcome, fellow Travelers!

Today we’ll be diving into the world of budget-friendly 4-star units in MiHoYo’s popular action RPG, Genshin Impact. Specifically, we’ll be focusing on a hidden gem named Candace, whose cost efficiency is now second to none.

**Who Is Candace?**

Candace is a Cryo Hydro support character from the Mondstadt Knights of Favonius. She wields a Catalyst and comes with two abilities: **Vaporize Reaction** and **Freeze Reaction**. Her skills focus on granting her team bonuses, particularly increasing their Cryo and Hydro damage.

**Why Is Candace the Cheapest 4-star Unit?**

Candace’s main selling point is her versatility and synergy with various character builds.

Let’s break down why she’s a cost-effective choice:

  1. Support Role: Candace primarily functions as a support character, which allows players to build stronger teams around her without having to invest heavily in more expensive 5-star DPS characters.
  2. Team Synergy: Her abilities complement multiple elements and playstyles, making her an excellent choice for various team compositions. For example, pairing her with Hydro DPS characters like Mona or Xingqiu can lead to powerful Vaporize reactions.
  3. Free Acquisition: Candace is a free acquisition for players who have completed the Archon Quest "The Changeling" and World Quest "A Lucky Find." This eliminates the need to spend valuable resources on Wish banners, further reducing the overall cost of having her in your roster.

Examples of Effective Candace Team Compositions

  1. Candace, Mona, Xingqiu: This trio provides powerful synergy through their elemental reactions (Vaporize and Swift Swirl). Mona’s Clemency (Q) grants Crystallize stacks to Candace, which in turn increases her team’s Cryo and Hydro damage.
  2. Candace, Diluc, Fischl: In this setup, Candace supports Diluc’s Pyro damage with her Cryo application and Hydro Swirl reactions. Fischl’s Ozcanion Bot adds additional ranged damage and healing capabilities.

  3. Candace, Beidou, Xingqiu: This composition focuses on Electro-Charged reactions, with Candace providing Cryo application for Xingqiu’s Swift Swirl and Beidou’s Charged attacks.


In conclusion, Candace is an excellent choice for Travelers looking to build effective teams without breaking the bank. Her versatility, support capabilities, and free acquisition make her a valuable addition to any roster.