**Query 1: Is Wanwan still a viable hero in AURA PH despite the recent nerfs?**


Absolutely, Wanwan remains a formidable hero in AURA PH even after the latest round of nerfs. Let’s break down why.

Damage Output
First and foremost, Wanwan’s damage output is still impressive. Her kit includes both a powerful ultimate and a skill that can apply stacking debuffs on enemies, increasing her overall DPS.

Despite some reductions in durability, Wanwan’s mobility and evasion abilities make her a difficult target to pin down. Additionally, her passive ability provides increased movement speed when attacking an enemy below 50% HP, allowing her to quickly reposition or escape from danger.

The recent nerfs were aimed at reducing Wanwan’s burst damage and making her less reliant on her ultimate. This means that skilled players can now focus more on her basic attacks and positioning, rather than solely relying on her ult to carry the team.

In summary, while the latest nerfs have affected Wanwan’s power level in AURA PH, she is still a viable hero with significant damage output, survivability, and counterplay opportunities. Her kit offers unique mechanics that require skillful play, making her an exciting and rewarding pick for players.

Query 2: What are some common strategies for playing Wanwan effectively in AURA PH?


1. Positioning: Wanwan’s abilities allow her to easily reposition herself on the battlefield. Use this to your advantage by positioning yourself behind enemy lines or flanking unsuspecting heroes.

2. Debuff Stacking: Wanwan’s skills can stack debuffs on enemies, significantly increasing her damage output. Focus on landing these abilities and repositioning to maximize their impact.

3. Map Awareness: Be aware of your surroundings and use Wanwan’s mobility to quickly respond to changing situations on the map.

4. Itemization: Choose items that complement Wanwan’s kit, such as those that increase her attack speed or provide additional movement capabilities.

**Query 3: How can I counter Wanwan in AURA PH?



_1. Crowd Control:_ _Wanwan relies on her mobility to reposition herself during team fights. Use crowd control abilities, such as stuns or slows, to limit her ability to move and attack._

_2. Burst Damage:_ _Wanwan’s damage output can be overwhelming if left unchecked.

Focus your team’s burst damage on her to quickly take her down._

3. Positioning: Stay aware of Wanwan’s positioning and avoid being caught out of position, as she is a mobile hero who can easily reposition herself to gain an advantage.

4. Itemization: _Items that provide durability or crowd control capabilities can help your team better deal with Wanwan’s threat.