**Blacklist International’s MPL PH Season 10 Roster: A New Chapter for V33 and the Duo**

As the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) community eagerly awaits the start of the MPL Philippines (MPL PH) Season 10, Blacklist International has officially unveiled its roster. One of the most anticipated duos in the scene, V33 and JV, are back to strengthen the team’s lineup. Let us take a closer look at this exciting development.

**A Fresh Start: The Return of V33 and JV**

The MLBB community was left stunned when it was announced that V33 and JV, two integral members of Blacklist International, would be leaving the team mid-season last year. However, their absence was short-lived as both players have now returned to Blacklist International for MPL PH Season 10.

**What Does This Mean for Blacklist International?


With V33 and JV back in the fold, Blacklist International can look forward to a renewed sense of familiarity and chemistry within their roster. The duo’s return is expected to bolster the team’s overall performance and help them reclaim their spot at the top of the MPL PH scene.

**A Look Back: V33 and JV’s Previous Achievements**

Before their departure last season, V33 and JV had already amassed an impressive record with Blacklist International. The duo helped the team secure the championship title in MPL PH Season 8 and finished as runners-up in the M4 World Championship. Their return to the team is a testament to their commitment to the organization and their unwavering passion for competitive MLBB.

**What’s Next for Blacklist International?


As the MPL PH Season 10 begins, Blacklist International will be under immense pressure to perform well and live up to fan expectations. With the return of V33 and JV, however, the team seems poised to tackle this challenge head-on. The upcoming season promises to be an exciting one, and fans are eagerly anticipating the duo’s contributions to Blacklist International’s success.

In conclusion, the return of V33 and JV to Blacklist International is a significant development in the MLBB scene. Their proven track record and undeniable chemistry make them valuable additions to the team. As MPL PH Season 10 gets underway, fans can look forward to witnessing the duo’s impact on Blacklist International’s performance and their journey towards regaining the top spot in the competitive MLBB scene.