Mobile Legends Beatrix guide: Best build, skills, emblem

**Welcome Mobile Legends Enthusiasts!*

* Today we’ll delve into the world of Beatrix, a versatile and captivating hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Let’s explore her optimal build, skills, and emblem set to help you dominate the battlefield.

**1. Best Build for Beatrix**
Beatrix is an agile Mage hero with high mobility and crowd control abilities. She can deal significant magic damage while also providing vision and utility through her ultimate, “Enchanted Crystal Arrow.”

A popular build for her includes:

  • Magic Wand as the first item to boost her initial magic power.
  • Rod of Tahuti for enhanced magical damage and critical chance.
  • Magi’s Mask for added magic resistance and mana sustainability.
  • Blast Staff for increased movement speed and burst damage.
  • Abyssal Mask or Enchanted Wand based on the enemy team composition.

2. Mastering Beatrix’s Skills
Understanding how to effectively use Beatrix’s skills is crucial to her success:

  • Passive – Crystal Rain: Gain Mana and restore HP whenever you attack an enemy hero with basic attacks or abilities.
  • Q – Crystal Pierce: Unleashes a piercing projectile that deals magic damage.
  • W – Enchanted Crystal Arrow: Fires an enchanted arrow that marks the target, dealing magic damage over time and granting vision in a wide area.
  • E – Crystal Chaser: Dash to a target, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies hit.

    * R (Ultimate) – Enchanted Crystal Arrow:

    Fire an enchanted arrow that marks the target with crystal shards, dealing magic damage over time and revealing their location to allies.

3. Emblem Recommendations for Beatrix
The Emblem Page setup is essential in enhancing specific hero attributes.

For Beatrix, the following emblems are recommended:

  • Magic Wand Emblem: Agility for increased movement speed and attack speed.
  • Support Emblem: Agility for quicker cooldowns and HP Regeneration for sustainability.

By focusing on these aspects of Beatrix’s build, skills, and emblems, you’ll be well on your way to mastering this captivating hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang! Remember that understanding the nuances of each hero and their role within a team is key to success.