Blacklist Protocol: Meet Blacklist International’s roster

Blacklist International, a prominent name in the Southeast Asian esports scene, has been making waves with its impressive roster of talented players. Let’s take a closer look at each member and their contributions to the team.

1. DOVINH (Kim Duy Hung) – Entry Fragger**

DOVINH is the entry fragger for Blacklist International, renowned for his aggressive playstyle and quick reflexes. Hailing from Vietnam, this versatile player excels in various roles within the team, providing them with a solid foundation for success. His exceptional ability to read opponent movements makes him an invaluable asset on the battlefield.

2. Rib – Support**

Rib, born as Kostya Rybin, is the team’s support specialist. Originally from Ukraine, Rib’s role involves keeping his teammates alive and providing them with crucial information. He is a master of utilities, ensuring Blacklist International maintains a strategic advantage in every match. His unwavering commitment to his role makes him an integral part of the squad.

3. Yamateh (Marek Špilka) – IGL & Rifler**

Yamateh, the team’s In-Game Leader and rifler from Slovakia, is the tactical mastermind behind Blacklist International’s strategies. He leads his team through each match, employing meticulously planned attacks and defensive maneuvers. Yamateh’s impressive aim and adaptability make him a force to be reckoned with, both on attack and defense.

4. JV (Jonas Vainikka) – Rifler**

Hailing from Finland, JV is another skilled rifler in Blacklist International’s roster. Known for his consistency and accurate shots, he is a reliable asset for the team during firefights. JV’s ability to adapt to various situations makes him an invaluable member, ensuring that Blacklist International stays competitive in every match.

5. pashabiceps (Patryk Michalczuk) – Rifler & Lurker**

The Polish rifler and lurker for Blacklist International, pashabiceps, is known for his clutch performances during high-pressure situations. With a keen sense of awareness and a deadly aim, he can turn the tide of a match in favor of his team. His ability to blend into the background and strike when needed makes him an unpredictable force that opponents must reckon with.

In conclusion, Blacklist International’s roster is a testament to the team’s commitment to assembling a diverse group of talented players from various regions. Each member brings unique strengths and abilities, enabling the team to excel in various aspects of the game. Together, they make up a formidable force that continues to challenge opponents and push the boundaries of competitive esports.