Why RSG PH Demonkite keeps flashing his killer smile during the MSC 2022 playoffs

When watching the Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) MSC 2022 playoffs, it is impossible not to notice the infectious smile of RSG PH’s Demonkite. The audience can’t help but wonder why this renowned player frequently flashes his charming grin during high-pressure matches. In this text, we will explore some possible explanations for this intriguing behavior.

Motivation and Morale Boost

One possible explanation for Demonkite’s smiling could be the psychological effect it has on him and his team. According to research, expressing positive emotions can have a significant impact on an individual’s motivation and morale (1). By smiling, Demonkite may be able to boost his own confidence and focus, which in turn benefits his team. Furthermore, a cheerful demeanor can also create a positive atmosphere for those around him and inspire unity and determination.

Showing Respect and Sportsmanship

Another possibility is that Demonkite’s smiles are expressions of respect and sportsmanship towards his opponents. MLBB is a competitive game, and emotions often run high during matches. However, smiling can be a sign of good sportsmanship, acknowledging the efforts and skills of opponents and maintaining a positive attitude even in adversity (2).

Distraction Technique

A third explanation could be that Demonkite uses his smiles as a distraction technique to throw off his opponents. Smiling can be a subtle yet effective way to disrupt an opponent’s focus, making it harder for them to read his emotions and intentions (3). Moreover, this behavior may also serve to distract Demonkite’s own teammates from their anxieties or fears, helping them stay focused on the game.

**Summary: A Smile Can Speak Volumes**

In conclusion, there are several reasons why RSG PH’s Demonkite frequently flashes his killer smile during the MSC 2022 playoffs. These may include boosting motivation and morale, expressing respect and sportsmanship, or using it as a distraction technique. Regardless of the underlying reason, one thing is certain: Demonkite’s smiles are undeniably contagious and add an exciting element to the already thrilling MLBB esports scene.


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