ChooxTV’s tank Layla will have you scratching your head

Layla, the Mage Assassin, is a beloved character in the world of Paladins: Champions of the Realm. Among her various roles and abilities, she excels as a tank, offering unique mechanics and crowd control that can turn the tide of battle. Yet, her complexities often leave players scratching their heads, eager to understand her intricacies. In this article, we will delve into Layla’s tanking capabilities and provide insight into mastering her enigmatic playstyle.

Why Choose Layla as a Tank?

Layla’s primary role is that of a flank character; however, she can be effectively used as a tank due to her crowd control abilities and high survivability. With her Healing Field card active, she can absorb an impressive amount of damage, making her an invaluable asset to any team composition.

**Layla’s Abilities: Unraveling the Layers**

  • **Shield and Secrets (S)***: Layla’s passive ability grants her a shield whenever she deploys a turret or heals an ally with her Healing Field card. This passive can significantly contribute to her tankiness, as it provides an additional layer of protection when engaged in battle.
  • **Bouncing Bettie (Q)***: Layla’s primary attack is a rapid-fire shot that bounces between enemies. This ability deals moderate damage and can easily hit multiple targets, making it ideal for crowd control. In tank playstyle, this ability will be used primarily to keep enemies at bay, allowing teammates to focus on damaging the enemy’s front line.
  • **Crippling Moans (E)***: Layla’s crowd control ability slows and silences enemies within a small area of effect. This skill is crucial for tank Layla, as it provides an essential debuff that impedes enemy movement and disrupts their abilities, allowing your team to gain the upper hand in team fights.
  • **Juke Box (F)***: Layla’s ultimate ability summons a Juke Box that plays a random song, providing various effects based on the chosen track. The "Boom" track is particularly useful for tank Layla as it deals area damage, providing an additional burst of crowd control during team fights.
  • **Healing Field (C)***: Layla’s Healing Field card creates an AoE healing zone that regenerates health over time for nearby allies. When activated as a tank, this ability significantly boosts your survivability, allowing you to absorb more damage and keep the enemy’s focus off your vulnerable teammates.

**Tips and Tricks: Mastering Layla’s Tank Playstyle**

* **Positioning:**

As a tank, it is crucial to understand optimal positioning during team fights. Position yourself at the front of your team, absorbing enemy attacks while shielding your allies. Use terrain to your advantage by flanking or hiding behind walls when necessary.
* **Crowd Control:** Layla’s Bouncing Bettie and Crippling Moans abilities are essential for crowd control. Mastering their application can significantly impact the outcome of team fights.
* **Healing Field:** Activate your Healing Field card whenever you are in a dangerous situation or when engaged in team fights. This ability will dramatically boost your survivability, allowing you to soak up more damage and protect your allies.

* **Communication:** Effective communication with your team is crucial for success as a tank Layla. Call out enemy positions and abilities, coordinate ultimates, and provide guidance on positioning and strategy.

In conclusion, while Layla may be an enigmatic character in the world of Paladins: Champions of the Realm, mastering her tank playstyle can provide invaluable benefits to your team. With her crowd control abilities, high survivability, and unique mechanics, she offers a fresh and exciting approach to tanking that is sure to leave a lasting impression on the battlefield.