Tekken Bloodline season 2: Five fighters we want to see

As we eagerly anticipate the second season of Tekken Bloodline, fans can’t help but wonder which fighters will make an appearance. Here are five fan-favorite characters that we believe deserve a spot in the upcoming anime series.

  1. Leo Kliesen
  • A Dutch martial artist and former Mishima Zaibatsu soldier

  • Known for his mastery of the Russian Martial Art, Systema
  • His storyline could delve into his past as a member of the Mishima Zaibatsu military forces
  1. Gigas
  • A monstrous, hulking figure and one of the strongest beings in Tekken

  • Originated from a secret project of the Mishima Zaibatsu
  • His presence would add an element of chaos and destruction to the storyline

  1. Asuka Kazama
  • A skilled martial artist and member of the Kazama Clan

  • Known for her mastery of the traditional Japanese martial art, Kyokugen Ryūki
  • Her character arc could involve discovering more about her family’s history and her role in the Tekken universe
  1. Bob Richards
  • A former professional American football player and a skilled grappler

  • His storyline could explore his journey from sports to martial arts, and possibly an encounter with Heihachi Mishima
  1. Lars Alexandersson
  • A Swedish fighter and a former member of the S.T.E.A.M team

  • Known for his unique fighting style, "Savage Instinct"
  • His inclusion in Tekken Bloodline season 2 could provide an interesting contrast to other characters’ storylines

In conclusion, the addition of these five fan-favorite fighters to Tekken Bloodline season 2 would not only expand the roster of compelling characters but also offer various narrative opportunities and keep fans engaged.