Counter Gloo in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

In Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, understanding the roles and strengths of various heroes is essential to mastering the game. One hero that requires specific attention when planning your team composition is Gloo, the Tank Assassin. Known for his crowd control abilities and powerful initiation potential, Gloo can be a formidable presence in the battleground. However, not every hero matches up evenly against him. In this article, we will explore three top heroes that excel at countering Gloo’s unique playstyle.

1. Lanping – The Elemental Monkey King


Lanping, the monkey king, is a versatile hero with an excellent balance of offense and defense. He possesses impressive mobility, making it challenging for Gloo to pin him down. Lanping’s kit includes skills that can provide him with invisibility and shielding, enabling him to dodge Gloo’s abilities effectively. Furthermore, Lanping can deal significant burst damage with his ultimate ability, which can turn the tide of a battle in your favor.

2. Lesley – The Marksman


Lesley, the sniper marksman hero, is another excellent counter to Gloo. Her long-range attacks allow her to maintain a safe distance from Gloo, making it difficult for him to initiate and control the fight. Lesley’s passive ability, which increases her attack speed as she deals continuous damage to an enemy hero, can help her efficiently deal with Gloo’s crowd control abilities. Moreover, Lesley’s ultimate ability provides a powerful burst of damage that can significantly weaken or even eliminate Gloo from the fight.

3. Akai – The Monkey King


Lastly, Akai, another monkey king hero, is an excellent counter against Gloo. With his kit focusing on crowd control and mobility, Akai can outmaneuver and outlast Gloo in a 1v1 situation. Akai’s ultimate ability, which allows him to jump around the battlefield, makes it difficult for Gloo to follow up with his initiation abilities. Additionally, Akai’s crowd control skills can help prevent Gloo from utilizing his team-wide crowd control effects efficiently.



In conclusion, Lanping, Lesley, and Akai are three top heroes that excel at countering Gloo in Mobile Legends. Understanding their unique abilities and playstyles can provide you with valuable insights when drafting your team composition or adjusting your strategy during a match. Remember to stay adaptive and keep learning about the ever-evolving hero meta in this exciting mobile game!

Mastering the Art of Counterplay


By studying the strengths and weaknesses of various heroes like Gloo and their counters, you’ll enhance your overall understanding of Mobile Legends. Mastering counterplay can lead to more effective strategies, improved team compositions, and ultimately, greater success in your gaming journey.