Counter Valentina in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Valentina, the Shadow Assassin, is a popular hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang due to her stealth and high burst damage. However, not every team composition can effectively counter her. In this article, we’ll discuss the top three heroes that excel at countering Valentina.

1. Gusion:*

The Nature’s Fury*

Gusion, the Forest Guardian, is a versatile hero with crowd control abilities and decent damage output. His ultimate skill, "Fan of Rasanas," can knock up and deal area damage to multiple enemies, making it an excellent counter against Valentina’s stealth and mobility. Additionally, Gusion’s passive skill, "Vitality Drain," allows him to recover health from enemy heroes he damages, making him a sustainable pick in team fights.

2. Balmond:* The Stone Fist*

Balmond, the Stone Fist Warrior, is another hero that can effectively counter Valentina due to his ability to engage and crowd control enemies. Balmond’s third skill, "Rampage," provides him with a shield and increases his attack speed and movement speed when activated, making it an excellent tool for initiating fights against Valentina. Moreover, Balmond’s ultimate skill, "Superhero’s Dash," allows him to dash towards enemies and deal massive damage, making it difficult for Valentina to escape or engage from stealth.

3. Nana:* The Healing Bot*

Nana, the Mystic Maiden, may not be the first hero that comes to mind when thinking about countering Valentina. However, Nana’s ability to heal allies and disrupt enemy positioning makes her an effective counter against Valentina’s burst damage and mobility. Nana’s third skill, "Sappling," slows down enemies in a large area, making it difficult for Valentina to escape or engage effectively. Furthermore, Nana’s ultimate skill, "Healing Wave," provides a significant amount of healing to allied heroes, allowing them to sustain themselves during team fights against Valentina and her allies.

In conclusion, countering Valentina in Mobile Legends requires heroes with the ability to initiate fights, crowd control, or provide healing and sustainability for allies. Gusion, Balmond, and Nana are excellent picks that excel at these roles and can effectively counter Valentina’s stealth and burst damage. Remember, team composition and coordination are crucial aspects of countering any hero, including Valentina.