Counter the UBE strategy in MLBB with these 3 best heroes

**Understanding UBE:**

Untenirable Battle Emblems (UBE) is a feature in MLBB that grants bonus stats to heroes when equipped, making them overpowered in battles. These emblems can be obtained from the Emblem Shop using Battle Points (BP). However, their use can disrupt the balance of the game, creating an unfair advantage for some players.

**Best Heroes to Counter UBE:**

  1. Gusion:

    • Gusion is a versatile hero with the ability to deal massive damage and control crowds using his S2 and ultimate skill.
    • His passive skill "Venom Dance" inflicts poison on enemies, which stacks up over time and can significantly reduce their combat effectiveness when combined with debuffs from other heroes.
    • Gusion’s S1 also has a decent crowd control effect, making him an excellent choice for countering UBE-empowered heroes in team fights.
  2. Nana:

    • Nana is a support hero with exceptional crowd control abilities and a powerful initiation potential.
    • Her ultimate skill "Cursed Retribution" can silence, slow down, and deal area damage to enemies, making it an effective counter against heroes empowered by UBEs.
    • Moreover, Nana’s S1 and S2 skills provide crowd control effects that can prevent enemies from using their abilities effectively, giving your team the upper hand in team fights.
  3. Brodie:

    • Brodie is a fighter hero with exceptional mobility and crowd control capabilities, making him an ideal counter against UBE-empowered heroes.
    • His S1 skill "Thunder Strike" can knock enemies back, interrupting their abilities and giving your team an opportunity to engage.
    • Brodie’s ultimate skill "Storm Call" is a powerful crowd control ability that stuns and deals area damage to enemies, making it an effective tool for disrupting enemy formations and eliminating UBE-empowered heroes.


In conclusion, Gusion, Nana, and Brodie are excellent choices when countering UBE in MLBB. Their unique abilities and crowd control capabilities provide significant advantages in team fights against UBE-empowered heroes. By disrupting their abilities and reducing their combat effectiveness, these heroes help restore balance to the game and create a more enjoyable experience for all players.