Counter Zhask in Mobile Legends with these 3 best heroes

Dear Mobile Legends enthusiasts, today we will delve into the intricacies of countering Zhask, the enigmatic Assassin hero known for his crowd control and healing abilities. In this article, we will discuss three top heroes that can effectively neutralize Zhalk’s potential threat on the battlefield.

1. Granger:

The Precision Marksman

Granger is an excellent counter to Zhask due to his ability to deal massive damage from a distance. His Ultimate Skill, "Precise Shot," can eliminate crowds of enemies in one go. This skill comes in handy when dealing with Zhask and his allies during team fights. Furthermore, Granger’s passive ability, "Sniper Rifle," grants him increased attack range, making it challenging for Zhask to get close enough to initiate crowd control or heal his allies.

2. Aurora: The Frost Queen

Aurora is an excellent choice when up against a team featuring Zhask due to her ability to immobilize enemies with her skills. Her first skill, "Ice Bolt," deals damage and slows enemies, while her second skill, "Frozen Rain," creates an area of effect that continuously deals damage and slows enemies. These abilities are perfect for hindering Zhask’s mobility and restricting his ability to control crowds and heal allies.

3. Karina:

The Assassin Extraordinaire

Lastly, Karina is a formidable opponent for Zhask due to her high damage output and mobility. Her ultimate skill, "Dance of Death," allows her to dash through enemies and deal area-of-effect damage. This can be particularly useful when trying to take down Zhask and his allies during team fights. Moreover, Karina’s passive ability, "Soul Reap," grants her increased movement speed whenever she kills an enemy hero or minion, allowing her to quickly dodge Zhask’s crowd control abilities and strike back with devastating force.

In conclusion, when up against a team featuring Zhask in Mobile Legends, consider including heroes such as Granger, Aurora, or Karina on your roster. Each hero brings unique strengths and abilities to the table that can effectively counter Zhask’s crowd control and healing capabilities.