Duckey explains what went wrong with EVOS Legends in MPL ID

EVOS Legends, the Indonesian esports team, has recently experienced a series of disappointing results in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang’s Malaysia Pro League (MPL) ID. In this text, we will explore the reasons behind their underperformance and provide suggestions for improvement.


Lack of Synergy among Players

A. Communication Issues

  1. Language Barriers
  2. Miscommunications during team fights
    B. Role Identification
  3. Overlapping roles
  4. Unclear responsibilities

    C. Adaptability to Meta Changes

  5. Failure to adjust lineups and strategies


Individual Performance

A. Mechanical Skills

  1. Inconsistent performances from key players

    B. Positioning and Decision Making

  2. Lack of awareness and map control
  3. Poor positioning during team fights

    C. Hero Picking and Banning

  4. Ineffective hero choices
  5. Predictable picks and bans


Coaching and Leadership

A. Tactical Decisions

  1. Inflexible strategies

    B. Player Motivation and Morale

  2. Lack of motivation during losses
  3. Poor team spirit

    C. Scouting and Preparation

  4. Insufficient preparation for opponents

V. Conclusion

The combination of these factors has contributed to EVOS Legends’ struggles in MPL ID. To improve, the team needs to focus on addressing their communication issues, improving individual performances, providing effective coaching, and adapting to meta changes. With dedication and hard work, they can turn their fortunes around and once again compete at the top level of Indonesian Mobile Legends: Bang Bang esports.


Recommendations for EVOS Legends

A. Communication Solutions

  1. Implement a more effective communication system

    B. Encourage open dialogue between team members

    C. Address language barriers through language classes or translation services

B. Individual Improvements

  1. Focus on mechanical practice and consistency
  2. Study map awareness and positioning strategies
  3. Analyze opponents’ playstyles and adapt strategies accordingly


Coaching and Leadership


  1. Hire a dedicated language coach
  2. Implement a more flexible coaching approach
  3. Foster a positive team environment through team building activities