**Doinb’s Champion Repertoire in LPL Summer Playoffs**

Doinb, the renowned mid laner for FunPlus Phoenix, showcased his versatility and skill during the LPL Summer Playoffs by playing a variety of champions. Let’s explore the seven champions Doinb graced the Rift with and discuss their strengths and strategies.

1. LeBlanc
A masterful assassin with deceptive abilities, LeBlanc, was one of Doinb’s main picks in the playoffs. Known for her mobility and burst damage, LeBlanc can quickly turn the tide of a teamfight. Doinb employed her ultimate, Mimic, to confuse enemies and secure crucial kills.

2. Azir
A formidable control mage, Azir, was another champion in Doinb’s arsenal. His crowd control and wave clear made him a valuable addition to Funpus Phoenix’s composition. Doinb’s precise positioning of his soldiers allowed for effective zoning and engages, giving his team the upper hand.

3. Orianna
A tactician’s dream, Orianna, was another pick that showcased Doinb’s skill in orchestrating teamfights. With her shielding abilities and crowd control, Orianna served as a reliable frontline for her team, while also dealing significant damage with her ultimate, Command: Shockwave.

4. Yone
A newcomer with old-school charm, Yone, was a surprise pick from Doinb, but he quickly proved his worth. With his kit focused on mobility and burst damage, Yone provided Funpus Phoenix with a champion that could easily secure kills and engage in teamfights. Doinb’s precise positioning and timing made him a formidable force on this champion.

5. Taliyah
A geomancer with an arsenal of terrain manipulation abilities, Taliyah, was yet another pick that highlighted Doinb’s ability to adapt. Her mobility and crowd control allowed Funpus Phoenix to control the map effectively, while her ultimate, Rock Surf, provided a unique and unexpected angle for engages and escapes.

6. Syndra
A force of destruction, Synda, was another champion that Doinb wielded with ease. Her crowd control and burst damage made her an effective pick against teams with squishy champions. Doinb’s precise use of his abilities, especially Crush, allowed for stunning initiations and secure kills.

7. Zed
A master of the shadows, Zed, was Doinb’s final pick in the playoffs. Known for his mobility and burst damage, Zed served as a powerful tool for securing picks and engaging in teamfights. Doinb’s ability to quickly navigate the map and position himself for maximum impact made him an unstoppable force on this champion.

In conclusion, Doinb’s ability to adapt and excel on seven different champions during the LPL Summer Playoffs showcased his skill and versatility as a mid laner. Whether it be assassins, mages, or fighters, Doinb proved that he is a force to be reckoned with on the Rift.