**Qualifying for Worlds 2023: A New Path**

Hello there! If you’re curious about how to qualify for the League of Legends World Championship 2023 (Worlds 2023), you’ve come to the right place. This year, Riot Games introduced a new format that offers more teams a chance to compete on the international stage.

Let’s explore this exciting development!

**The New Format: Regional Leagues and Play-Ins**

First, let me introduce you to the two main components of the new format: Regional Leagues and Play-Ins.

  1. Regional Leagues: In each of the major League of Legends regions (Europe, North America, China, Korea, and Japan), teams will compete in their respective regional leagues throughout the year. These leagues will consist of regular seasons followed by playoffs, where the top teams from each region will secure a spot in the World Championship.
  2. Play-Ins: Teams that finish just outside the top spots in their regions will have another chance through Play-Ins. In this stage, they’ll compete against other teams from different regions to earn one of the last eight slots for the main event.

**Example: European League and Play-In Scenario**

Let’s consider an example using the European League. If a team finishes 3rd or 4th in the regular season, they will enter the European Play-Ins. Here, they would face other European teams that finished lower than them and also teams from other regions (like North America, South America, etc.). The winners of these matches would progress to the Worlds 2023 Group Stage.

**Summary: More Opportunities for Teams**

With this new format, more teams have a shot at qualifying for Worlds 2023 than ever before. It not only encourages regional competition but also creates exciting inter-regional rivalries in the Play-Ins.