DWG KIA BeryL reveals his favorite Genshin Impact character

When asked about his favorite characters in the popular role-playing game, Genshin Impact, DWG KIA BeryL shared some insight into his personal preferences.

Let’s explore who made it to his list!

1. Mona (Hydro Catalyst)

Mona is a Hydro vision wielder and an enigmatic alchemist from Mondstadt. Her unique ability, "Vaporize," when combined with Pyro characters, deals AoE damage and applies the Wet status to enemies. BeryL enjoys her intellectual side and finds her design appealing.

2. Ningguang (Geo Claymore)

Ninggung is a Geo vision wielder and the Jade Sovereign of Liyue Harbour. Known for her powerful elemental skill "Jade Screen" and her burst ability "Jade Resolution," she can provide both defensive and offensive support to your team. BeryL appreciates Ningguang’s durability and crowd control capabilities.

3. Xingqiu (Hydro Sword)

Xingqiu is a Hydro vision wielder and a talented young man from Liyue Harbour. With his unique ability, "Swift Blade," and the elemental reaction, "Childe’s Elemental Skill: Charged Attack," he can grant an ATK boost to allies, heal them, or deal additional damage depending on the situation. BeryL admires Xingqiu for his versatility in team compositions.

4. Diluc (Pyro Sword)

Diluc is a Pyro vision wielder and the Protagonist’s childhood friend from Mondstadt. He can deal high amounts of single-target damage with his Charged Attack and Burst, "Phoenix Jolt." BeryL is drawn to Diluc for his powerful offensive capabilities and stunning design.

5. Barbara (Anemo Catalyst)

Barbara is an Anemo vision wielder and Mondstadt’s resident bartender. She can heal teammates with her ability, "Healing Spring," and provide additional healing with her Burst, "Sunset Bloom." BeryL values Barbara for her support role and her calming presence in the game.

In conclusion, DWG KIA BeryL’s favorite Genshin Impact characters include Mona, Ningguang, Xingqiu, Diluc, and Barbara. Each character offers unique abilities and playstyles that contribute to the richness of the game. Whether it’s their design, personality, or capabilities that appeal to him, BeryL enjoys having these characters on his team.