Mobile Legends Miya guide: Best build, skills, emblem, combo

Welcome, Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

Today we’ll delve into the world of Miya, the agile assassin hero, and discuss her best build, skills, emblem set, and combos.

**Best Build for Miya**

Miya is a mobile assassin that excels in dealing high damage while staying invisible. Her primary role is to ambush enemies from the shadows, delivering critical strikes before vanishing once more.

A suitable build for her includes:

  1. Blade of Despair: Provides attack speed and physical attack damage bonuses for Miya’s fast attacks.
  2. Crystalline Glass: Enhances Miya’s attack range, making it easier to hit enemies from a distance.
  3. Bloodthirsty King Saber: Boosts critical strike chance and critical damage for those deadly finishers.
  4. Windtalker: Increases movement speed, allowing Miya to traverse the battlefield swiftly.
  5. Tough Boots: Offers armor and magic resistance, improving survivability in team fights.

**Skills: Unleash Your Inner Ninja**

Miya’s abilities revolve around invisibility and stealth. Here are her skills, their descriptions, and how to effectively use them:

  1. Shadowrush (Passive): Miya moves faster when she is not attacking or using a skill, making her hard to track down.
  2. Wind Chaser: Dash towards the target dealing damage and becoming invisible for a short duration. Perfect for escaping or initiating an attack.
  3. Shadow Illusion: Create a decoy of yourself, misdirecting enemies and confusing them. Use it wisely to evade pursuers or lead enemies into traps.
  4. Vanish: Become fully invisible and gain increased movement speed for a brief duration. A powerful tool for escaping danger or launching surprise attacks.
  5. Phantom Strike: Lunge towards an enemy, dealing damage and applying a slow debuff. Use it to secure kills or assist allies in team fights.

**Emblem Set:

Enhance Your Ninja Abilities**

Selecting the right emblem set for Miya can significantly boost her abilities. Consider the Agility emblem set, focusing on agility and attack speed, which suits Miya’s assassin role perfectly.

**Combo Strategies: Finishing Moves**

Mastering Miya’s combos is essential to maximize her damage output.

Try the following combinations during battles:

  1. Wind Chaser >

    Vanish >

    Phantom Strike: Dash towards an enemy, become invisible, and then lunge at them for a guaranteed kill or significant damage.

  2. Shadow Illusion >

    Wind Chaser >

    Phantom Strike: Create a decoy to confuse enemies before launching a surprise attack with your ultimate ability.

  3. Wind Chaser >

    Vanish >

    Shadowrush >

    Attack: Escape danger, reposition yourself, and then strike from the shadows.

In conclusion, Miya’s unique abilities as an assassin make her a formidable hero in Mobile Legends. By mastering her build, skills, emblem set, and combos, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of this elusive ninja.