How to farm Aloy materials Genshin Impact guide: Best locations and routes

Are you finding it challenging to farm Aloy materials in MiHoYo’s open-world RPG, Genshin Impact?

Worry not!

In this comprehensive guide, we will help you navigate the most effective farming routes for obtaining Anemo Husk, Geo Crystals, and Slime Concentrate.

1. Anemo Husk: The Sumeru Sands

Anemo Husk is a crucial material used in crafting various weapons and artifacts for Aloy, our electro traveler. To farm this resource efficiently, head to the Sumeru Sands (10.3, 5.8) in Sumeru. Use an Electro character to trigger the sandstorms that spawn Anemo Husks when they come into contact with Electro damage.

2. Geo Crystals: The Churning Mists

Geo Crystals are essential for leveling up Aloy’s Talisman and weapon enhancement. Your best bet to farm this material is in the Churning Mists (6.5, 4.7) north of Liyue Harbor. Make sure to have a Geo character like Noctis or Diona in your team since they can trigger Geo reactions when using their abilities.

3. Slime Concentrate: The Slime Garden

Slime Concentrate is crucial for crafting various foods and potions, making it an essential material to farm in Genshin Impact. To maximize your farming efforts, head to the Slime Garden (12.0, 6.5) located northeast of Starfell Valley. Interact with the slimes here to collect their essence and transform them into Slime Concentrate.

Effective Farming Routes

For an optimal farming experience, consider combining these locations into a single route. Start by heading to the Sumeru Sands to gather Anemo Husk using your Electro character. Then, proceed to the Churning Mists and farm Geo Crystals with your Geo character. Lastly, make your way to the Slime Garden for an abundant supply of Slime Concentrate.