This is how REKT became EVOS Legends’ go-to tank

When it comes to discussing the roster of EVOS Legends, the name REKT is often brought up as their go-to tank. But what makes REKT such an essential player on this renowned Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) team? Let’s delve into his gameplay style, strengths, and notable performances.

**Gameplay Style:**

As a tank, REKT focuses on absorbing enemy damage and protecting his allies. He utilizes heroes with crowd control abilities, shielding mechanics, and high survivability to make an impact in team fights. His commitment to the frontlines often turns the tide of battles.


  1. Expert Crowd Control: REKT’s understanding of crowd control (CC) is exceptional. He utilizes abilities that lock down enemies, giving his team an opportunity to deal damage and secure kills. An example of this can be seen with the use of Tigreal’s CC ultimate, "Primal Rage," which immobilizes all enemies hit, allowing allies to focus on eliminating them.
  2. High Survivability: REKT chooses heroes with robust health pools and defensive abilities to ensure his presence in team fights. For instance, his frequent choice of Balmond provides him with a shield that reduces incoming damage when he is below 50% HP, allowing him to continue contributing to the fight even under heavy pressure.
  3. Versatility: REKT’s hero pool showcases versatility in different roles and playstyles. He can switch between tank heroes such as Balmond, Gusion, and Akai based on the team composition and enemy team picks. This adaptability allows him to counter the enemy team effectively while maintaining his role as the primary tank.

**Notable Performances:**

Throughout EVOS Legends’ competitive journey, REKT has demonstrated impressive performances. During MPL Indonesia Season 9, he led his team to victory by consistently outperforming on the tank role. In a notable match against RRQ, his Balmond pick showcased his ability to control enemy heroes with crowd control and maintain survivability despite their aggressive pressure.


REKT’s exceptional game sense, commitment to the frontlines, and mastery of crowd control make him an indispensable part of EVOS Legends. His versatility in choosing heroes tailored to the team composition and enemy team picks further solidifies his role as a reliable tank. By understanding REKT’s strengths and strategies, fans can appreciate the depth of skill that goes into securing victories for this esteemed MLBB squad.