How to hide your match history in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

Welcome, dear Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB) enthusiasts!

Today, we’ll delve into the art of keeping your match history under wraps – a topic that piques the interest of many players. If you’re looking to maintain privacy in MLBB or simply want to start anew, this guide is perfect for you.

**Why Hide Your Match History?


Before we dive into the methods, let’s first understand why someone might want to hide their match history:

1. **Starting Fresh:** New accounts have an advantage in MLBB as opponents often underestimate new players. By hiding your previous match history, you can take full advantage of this fresh start.
2. **Privacy Concerns:** Some players may not want others to see their past performances or mistakes. Hiding your match history ensures that your games remain private.
3. **Competitive Reasons:** Professional players might need to create multiple accounts for different reasons, such as experimenting with new heroes or strategies. By keeping their match histories hidden, they can maintain a low profile and avoid detection.

**Methods to Hide Your Match History in MLBB**

1. **Create a New Account:** The most straightforward method is to create a brand-new account. This way, your old match history remains untouched, and you can start anew without any baggage.
2. **Delete Old Accounts:** If you’re serious about keeping things private, consider deleting your old accounts entirely. However, be aware that doing so is permanent and cannot be reversed.
3. **Use Multiple Devices:** To keep multiple accounts, use different devices or emulators. This way, each account has its unique match history and can remain separate from the others.
4. **Private Matches:** Play private matches with friends or bots instead of public games. Your performance in these matches won’t be recorded in your match history.
5. **Use Third-Party Tools:** Some third-party tools claim to help hide your MLBB match history by manipulating the game data. However, be cautious as using such tools may go against the game’s terms of service and could lead to account bans or suspensions.

**Conclusion: Maintaining Privacy in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang**

In conclusion, hiding your match history in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang can be accomplished through various methods, from creating a new account to using third-party tools (with caution). By understanding why one might want to hide their match history and employing the appropriate techniques, you too can maintain privacy and enjoy the game at your own pace.

Remember, playing MLBB is all about improving your skills and having fun – not about impressing others with your past performances or worrying about what they think.