How to unlock and beat the weekly Raiden Shogun boss

To unlock Raiden Shogun as a playable character in Genshin Impact, you must first complete her corresponding Archon Quest, "The Mausoleum Under the Sea." This questline becomes available after reaching Adventure Rank 28 and exploring the Sumeru region.

  1. Find Statues:
    The first step is to locate and interact with four statue pillars in the Watatsumi Island’s Mausoleum. Each interaction reveals a riddle that leads you to the next pillar.

  2. Solve Riddles:
    Decipher the riddles by examining the environment and clues provided. Once solved, approach the corresponding statue to unlock the way forward.

  3. Defeat Guardians:
    Upon reaching the last pillar, you will face three guardians: an Electro Hypostasis, a Cryo Slime, and a Geo Hydroctis. Defeating them grants access to the chamber containing Raiden Shogun’s Statue of the Seven.

  4. Interact with the Statue:

    Approach Raiden Shogun’s statue and interact with it to begin her Archon Quest.

**Beating Raiden Shogun:**

Raiden Shogun, also known as the Electro Archon, is a formidable boss who tests your combat abilities and strategic skills.

To beat her, follow these steps:

  1. Defeat the Waves:
    The battle against Raiden Shogun takes place in several waves. Each wave consists of enemies that must be defeated before proceeding to the next one. Focus on crowd control and dealing damage to eliminate them efficiently.

  2. Avoid Electro Attacks:
    Raiden Shogun uses powerful Electro attacks, such as lightning bolts and Thunderclap Slams. Avoid these attacks by dodging at the right time or using shields and barriers for protection.

  3. Shock her:
    To damage Raiden Shogun, you must first charge an Elemental Skill Orb with Electro energy. Once charged, use an Elemental Skill to create an electrical shock that deals significant damage. Repeat this process until she is defeated.

  4. Use Healing:
    The battle against Raiden Shogun can be challenging due to the intense Electro damage she inflicts. Use healing items or abilities to keep your team healthy and maintain their energy levels.

  5. Strategy:
    Consider bringing characters with powerful Electro abilities, such as Fischl or Beidou, to help charge your Orb quickly and deal more damage to Raiden Shogun. Additionally, having a shield user, like Diona or Ningguang, can provide valuable protection during the battle.

In conclusion, unlocking Raiden Shogun requires solving riddles and defeating guardians in her Mausoleum under the sea, while beating her involves mastering crowd control, dodging Electro attacks, charging an Electro Orb, using healing abilities, and implementing a well-rounded strategy. With determination and skill, you’ll be able to add this powerful Archon to your roster of playable characters in Genshin Impact.