Mobile Legends Claude guide by Cignal Ultra’s Hadess


Greetings, dear Mobile Legends enthusiasts!

Today, we’ll be delving into the intricacies of mastering the versatile hero, Claude, brought to you by the esteemed Cignal Ultra’s Hadess. If you’re looking to up your game and dominate the battlefield with this charming marksman, then you’ve come to the right place!

**Who is Claude?


Claude is a Mobile Legends hero who specializes in marksman roles, boasting exceptional mobility and versatility. His abilities are centered around swift movements, crowd control, and dealing significant damage, making him an excellent pick for both solo and team play.

**Abilities Overview**

1. **Passive Skill – Wandering Shot:** Claude gains Movement Speed whenever he deals basic attacks on enemies outside of his current attack range, allowing him to chase down enemies or escape from danger with ease.
2. **First Skill – Thunderbolt:** Claude unleashes a bolt of lightning that pierces through multiple targets, dealing damage and slowing them down. Perfect for crowd control and initiation.
3. **Second Skill – Blazing Salvo:** Claude fires three consecutive shots at his enemies, each shot dealing progressively less damage but with increased range. Useful for poking from a distance or harassing enemies in the lane.
4. **Ultimate Skill – Skybound Strike:** Claude jumps into the air and lands on an enemy, dealing massive damage and stunning them. A powerful crowd control and initiation ability that can turn the tide of a battle.
5. **Fourth Ability (Exclusive to Mages) – Crystallize:** When activated, Claude transforms into a mage form, gaining increased magic power and abilities. Although not his primary role, this transformation can be useful in certain team compositions.

**Item Builds and Playstyle**

The ideal item build for Claude includes Blade of Despair (BoD), Antique Cabinet (AC), Wind of Nature (WoN), and Malefic Roar (MR). These items provide a good mix of damage, attack speed, and lifesteal, enhancing his capabilities as an effective marksman.

Claude’s playstyle revolves around poking enemies from a distance, utilizing his crowd control abilities to keep enemies in check, and landing critical hits with his ultimate skill to turn the tide of a battle. He excels in both solo and team fights and can be a valuable asset to any team composition.

**Summary: Mastering Claude**

In conclusion, mastering Claude requires a solid understanding of positioning, timing, and crowd control. With his versatile abilities and unique playstyle, he can make a significant impact on the battlefield. By practicing your aim, perfecting your ability usage, and adapting to different team compositions, you’ll be well on your way to dominating with Claude in Mobile Legends!

So there you have it, dear Mobile Legends fans! We hope this guide has provided valuable insights into mastering the enigmatic marksman, Claude.