MPL MY Season 11 playoffs: Schedule, results, format

Welcome, dear audience, to an engaging exploration of the MPL (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League)

MY Season 11 playoffs!

This event showcases the cream of the crop from Malaysia and Singapore’s Mobile Legends: Bang Bang community. Let’s delve into the thrilling schedule, results, and format of this competitive esports tournament.


The MPL MY Season 11 playoffs kicked off on the 23rd of August 2022 and will continue until the 5th of September 2022. Each day is filled with intense matches that test the mettle of participating teams. (Example: On the 24th of August, Team A faced off against Team B at 7 PM local time.)


The playoffs consist of a double-elimination bracket system. In this format, the top eight teams are seeded directly into the upper bracket, while teams ranked from ninth to sixteenth compete in the lower bracket. The winners from each round advance to the next phase until only one team remains victorious. (Example: Team A lost in the first upper bracket round but can still make a comeback by winning in the lower bracket.)


As of the 30th of August, Team XY has dominated the playoffs with an impressive record of eight wins and only one loss. They have secured their spot in the grand final, eager to claim the championship title. Other notable teams, such as Team AB and Team CD, are closely following suit with strong performances throughout the tournament.

In conclusion, the MPL MY Season 11 playoffs present an exciting spectacle for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang fans worldwide. The double-elimination format, packed schedule, and intense competition make this event a must-watch for anyone interested in esports.