Mobile Legends Uranus guide: Best build, skills, emblem

**Welcome Mobile Legends Enthusiasts!

Today we’ll delve into the intricacies of mastering Uranus, one of the most popular heroes in this beloved MOBA game.**

**Best Build for Uranus**

If you’re seeking success with Uranus, a standard build that maximizes his crowd control and tankiness is a great place to start.


Brave Heart; **Battle Spell:** Flicker; **Items:** Bulwark Helm, Warrior Tabi, Breastplate of Righteousness, Magi’s Cloak, Solar Wand, and Oracle. This setup grants Uranus increased survivability, crowd control, and magical damage output.

**Skills Analysis**

Let’s break down Uranus’ skills and their optimal usage:

1. **Passive – Electric Shock:** Uranus deals magic damage to enemies hit by his basic attacks. This passive is always active, enhancing the hero’s damage output throughout the game.
2. **Q Ability – Thunderbolt:** Uranus hurls a bolt of lightning at an enemy, dealing magic damage and slowing them. Use this skill to initiate fights or control enemies during team engagements.
3. **W Ability – Charged Lightning:** Uranus charges up electricity around him, increasing his movement speed and dealing magic damage to enemies in a large area whenever he uses an ability or basic attack. This skill is essential for positioning and mobility throughout the game.
4. **E Ability – Electric Field:** Uranus places an electric field at target location, which shocks and damages enemies that enter it, while also stunning them briefly. Use this skill defensively to protect your team’s position or offensively to disrupt enemy movements during engagements.
5. **R Ability – Thunderclap:** Uranus summons a bolt of lightning that strikes an enemy, dealing massive magic damage and stunning them. This ultimate is best used during team fights to secure kills or turn the tide in your favor.

**Emblem Recommendations for Uranus**

For the Emblem setup, consider using the Brave Heart Emblem to maximize Uranus’ tankiness and survivability. Prioritize the Courage, Fury, and Determination talent trees in this configuration. This will improve Uranus’ HP, damage output, and defensive abilities, making him an effective frontline hero.


In conclusion, Uranus is a versatile and fun-to-play hero in Mobile Legends. With the right build and skill usage, you can effectively control crowds, provide crowd control for your team, and act as a reliable frontliner.