Starlium Scythe turns 3 Mobile Legends heroes into monsters

Are you looking for a new way to add excitement to your Mobile Legends gameplay? Why not try transforming your favorite Starlium Scythe heroes into monstrous versions of themselves? In this guide, we’ll explore three hero transformations and the unique abilities they bring to the battlefield.

1. Alucard: Dracula’s Curse

Alucard’s transformation sees him morphing into the infamous Count Dracula. This monstrous form grants him increased attack speed, a health regeneration ability, and his ultimate skill, "Bite," becomes a powerful area of effect (AoE) attack that drains enemies’ health.


Layla: Siren’s Call

When Layla transforms, she dons the appearance of a terrifying siren. This transformation boosts her magic power, grants her a dash ability, and her ultimate skill, "Charm," becomes an AoE crowd control ability that silences enemies and pulls them towards her.

3. Kagura: Yokai Possession

Lastly, Kagura’s transformation sees her becoming possessed by a powerful yokai spirit. This change grants her increased movement speed, the ability to stealthily vanish from sight, and her ultimate skill, "Healing Rain," becomes a damaging AoE skill that heals her teammates and damages enemies.

Embrace Your Inner Monster

Transforming your Starlium Scythe heroes into monstrous versions of themselves is an exciting way to add depth to your Mobile Legends experience. These transformations not only change the way each hero looks but also bring new abilities that can shift the tide of battle in your favor. So, next time you’re in the heat of a match, consider embracing your inner monster and see how it can help you outwit your opponents.