**Worlds 2022 Trophy: A Source of Pride and Contention in the League of Legends Community**

The World Championship trophy in League of Legends (LoL) is a symbol of prestige and excellence for professional teams and players. However, it has also become a subject of controversy and debate among the LoL community.

Controversy Surrounding the Design

Some members of the community have criticized the design of the trophy, which features an intricately detailed golden orb atop a tall staff. Critics argue that the design is too complex and difficult to produce in real life, making it impractical for Riot Games to create enough replicas for every winning team.

The Significance of the Trophy

Despite these criticisms, the trophy remains a highly coveted prize in LoL esports. Winning the World Championship title grants teams and players immense prestige, as well as substantial financial rewards. Moreover, the trophy is a tangible reminder of their achievement, which they can display with pride.

Examples of Controversies

One notable controversy occurred in 2018 when Team Liquid, who had won the World Championship, did not receive their trophy until several months after their victory. The delay was due to production issues related to the trophy’s design. This incident sparked outrage among fans and raised questions about Riot Games’ ability to manage the trophy effectively.

**Conclusion: A Divisive Symbol**

In conclusion, while the Worlds 2022 trophy is a symbol of pride and accomplishment for LoL teams and players, it is also a source of contention within the community due to its complex design and production challenges. Regardless, the allure of the trophy drives teams to strive for victory each season, making it an essential part of the competitive LoL landscape.